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How do I remove fusion hair extensions?

The Right kind of remover for the right kind of hair extension bonds. Fusion hair extensions are thermoplastic polymer bonds that attach hair extensions to your hair. It is usually done with hot fusion or cold fusion. Either the way, the polymer bond melts and the extension is fused with the hair. However, not all fusion bonds are created equal. They are made with several different typed of plastic polymer or bonding material that each may need to removed by a different remover. Different chemicals are used as plasticizers or solvents for different types of fusion bonding. Removers have different chemicals. Some are alcohol based. Some are acetone and some are oils. Isopropyl alcohol is used for the naiver brands with hard holding bonds. Great Lengths Hair Extensions uses an alcohol based remover. Some bonding used acetone to remove hair extensions. I find this type of bond sheds easier. Oil can used a way to prime the extensions and make them more porous so the alcohol wit

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