What Are The Best Hair Extensions for Thinning Hair?

What Are The Best Hair Extensions for Thinning Hair?

The best hair extensions for thinning and very fine hair is Russian Virgin. The hair is very fine in diameter, so it mimics the flexibility of finer hair better than Asian or Indian Hair will. Microbonding in super tiny pieces to hide the bonding. Russian Virgin hair come in natural mid browns and dark blonds. Blending with Russian Lightened, you can can match hair that is very delicate much easier than with Indian Hair. You can detail your specifications with hair extensions from Custom Blends Hair Extensions .

If your hair is long but thin and you would only like to have it be a tiny bit fuller, stat with one bundle. Two bundles will fill fine hair in very nicely. Three bundles, of course, are always better. For length you will need at least 4 bundles to gain length from thinning hair. Sometimes 3, if the hair is very fine, you could get length. And if the hair is short and thick and textured, you may need to add as many as 8 or possibly more bundles in order to overwhelm any heavy shape of the hair in order to blend it nicely.

There are times when the hair is too thin to work with these kind of hair extensions. When the scalp begins to show through at the top of the hair, micro fusion extensions like these will not be able to cover the scalp. A full piece is need to cover the top. Other solutions are darkening the scalp with hair scalp colorant, spray, powder, or even eyeshadow. Another solution is permanent tattoo color to deepen the scalp color so it will not shine through the hair.

I do not recommend tape-in hair extensions for super fine hair. I think it is too heavy for some very delecate hair.

Will the hair extensions damage my hair?

Not unless you damage them. If the hair extensions are put in properly with perfect even tension, they will fall comfortably and feel easy to wear. If hair extensions are put in too tight they might cause damage. If they sway out from the scalp and not lay flay they could cause damage. The result of natural gravity want to pull the bond down but if it sways away fro the scalp, the weight of the entire extension is not even from the parting of hair that it is attached to. The entire weight pulls fro the very top one hair layer of hair at the top of the parting. It will itch when installed. If a hairdresser does this, you will get damage. Over half of the pictures I viewed on google search from "hair extension bonds were swayed away from the scalp. This is very important. Find a hairdresser than can do this and you will have a successful wear of hair extensions with very fine and delicate hair. The bonds should look this next:

Myth: "They will last longer if they are put in tighter."

Do my bonds seem to hang low? These will not pull and are easy to sleep on. These hair extensions will have movement and protect the hair as well as feel comfortable. Ones that are too tight will get no movement and will feel uncomfortable to sleep in. Uncomfortable means pulling. Pulling can become breakage. Just one hair pinging off, little by little, a bit more each day. If a hairdresser prescribes Advil or the such for itching scalp, there is a problem.

Do not try to put too many or too thick of hair extensions into very thin or fine hair.

You can do what ever you like of course, but I would consider what will happen if you do. If you are taking 1/4 inch square partings, consider how much hair that is compared to the size of the hair extension bond that you are attching to it. The ratio should not overwhelm that piece of hair. The weight could be an issue with breakage. Take a slightly larger part and/or make the bond you are using smaller. Blindly following a quarter inch rule should be overruled when factoring in other issues like super thinness. Make the hair thicker but try to remain resonable if want hair extensions to be truly passable in thin hair, as well as being safe on your hair.

So the very best hair extensions for thinning hair are the ones you can get here fro Kim Lake Collection. Custom Blends Hair Extensions .

Choose the Russian Virgin collection or request a special order.


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