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Micro-ring hair extensions vs. Fusion hair Extensions. Which method of hair extensions are better

Which method of hair extensions is the best?

I've been doing hair extensions exclusively for the last 15 years of my 34 years in hair. I have worked with many different methods of hair extensions over the years and gone through many changes and improvements in order to provide my clients with the very best there is to offer. I have done micro beads, micro links, micro beads, several different brands, and different kinds of rings. I have done fusion, different brands, different polymers and different hair. I have done well over a thousand sets of hair extensions. These are my pros and cons on which ones are the best, which ones cause the less damage, and which ones you should choose.

Is one really better than the other? Let's consider the factors. What brand of fusion extensions vs. which brand of micro beads? What is the quality of te hair, the quality of the polymer fusion, and what kind of rings are you using?

Consider the artist. How much experience with color and design does the hair extension artist have. How much experience does the artist have with hair extensions? More importantly, how good is the artist who is doing your hair extensions? DO they match the color well? DO they use the right size bonds? Are the bonds put in evenly and do they fall with even tension?

Consider the bond in general. Fusion bonds can come in various sizes. So can micro beads. Bad quality fusion with be large, uneven bonds that could also shed. High quality fusion would be brand names like Great Lengths or Hair Dreams, using a strong holding Italian keratin fusion bonding or thermoplastic polymer. Is your stylist certified in one of these methods? Don't allow the scariness of bad fusion to scare you away from good fusion. Yes there are scary pictures on the internet of what bad extensions can do. This is not true with all fusion extensions. Also, please take into account how well kept the hair extensions are. Are they neglected, in too long, not properly cared for? NOt all fusion causes damage. I have been able to grow out damamged hair with my fusion extensions. The most ideal bond will be fusion bond, smaller than the micro ring, feel more comfortable and lasts longer. With fusion, you can make smaller micro pieces for very thin parts of the hair. Microbeads are standard sized and this is harder to do. Fusion is better for thinner hair, where a micro-ring ming seem to be too big.

Fusion controversy: The damamge happens during the removal. Many stylist may not take the patients and time to remove fusion properly. This is an area where some bad reputation might come in. The extension removal at my salon is never done in haste. Yes, we are going to take longer to remove extensions than with micro-beads. However, my entire business is built on this emerging as the favorite method, but only because patience. It takes longer.

Microbeads. There are still many pros as why you would choose micro-rings, micro-beads, or Micro-links. They are easier for most hairstylists to do. They go in fast and can come out fast. They do no require heat or glue. Many stylists only do this kind. These may also be reused, mostly, if the tip stays in good condition. However, if the ring comes loose, your hair will slip right out. It is only pinched in. The metal can cut the hair too. Maintentence is required to put the slipped ones back in. They can show if your hair is not thick enough to hide them.

Why do I choose fusion over micro-rings? I like to work with precise detail. The fusion bonds are smaller, less, detectable, more comfortable to wear, will shed less, and I can cut them into smaller sizes. I can not do this with the micro-rings.

Yes, fusion takes longer to remove. However, if done properly, fusion can be removed safely. This where may other stylist will hae a hard time and become impatient and rip the snarls and glue chunks, along with your hair.

The key for successful fusion takes perfection in detail. First, they must be the correct size. The bond must not be too heavy for the selection of hair it is attached to. The bond must also lay flat against the head and fall with even tensions. Too tight of a bond sticks out from the head and pulls on the top section of the parting. These can create damage. The wear of the fusion is much more comfortable with fusion, if its done proper, with round tiny bonds without corners, and without the hard square metal pieces of the micro-beads. Removal is impotant with fusion as well. THey bonds must be soaked properly and not forced out. The polymer needs time to break down. If the polymer is broken down is proper, the bond will slide right out with no damage.

Top brand names, Great Lengths, and Hair Dreams both use fusion. We are certified in both at our salon. Many people can buy off the shelf hair extensions with no training or certification and they will tell you it is the same but it is not. Trust a certified and experienced successful full time hair extension artist to know what is the best. The internet will make many claims that turn people off to fusion. Agreed, there are bad fusion cases out there. I've seen the pictures. I've seen the hair in person, but you will not find that at Kim Lake Hair Salon.

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Hair Extensions in Las Vegas

Where to get hair extensions in Las Vegas?

Sunny Las Vegas. I'm sitting on the patio of my client's house in the sun, taking a break. We have to finish a few more pieces on the top to complete his long black, layered, curly rocker style hair do. The hair is real, just kidding, but no one else knows. His tooth hurts and he needs to rest, so I'm out for now. My other client here, beautiful dancer, we just did some Russian Virgin natural wavy blend on her to match her fine natural wave. Hopefully, she won't have to style it and it will dry natural and look beautiful.

Kim Lake Hair Salon in Seattle does all custom blends hair extensions, Great Lengths, Hair Dreams, Balmain, Flash Point, Russian Virgin. Only top of the line hair extensions to match most any client's sensitive issues. And now, Kim is traveling to Las Vegas to do hair.

Kim Lake Hair Salon in Seattle does all custom blends hair extensions, Great Lengths, Hair Dreams, Balmain, Flash Point, Russian Virgin. Only top of the line hair extensions to match most any client's sensitive issues. And now, Kim is traveling to Las Vegas to do hair.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Why do I specialize in hair extensions?

Why am I not a more rounded hairdresser that does more services?

First of all, it's just good business. Who would not want to be booked with the most high end expensive service there is? I do not think many people are turning down this business when it comes knocking on their door. Or are they? I've heard of hairdressers saying that it is just too hard or tedious. To each their own, and that's okay. But don't suggest I not do only hair extensions after I already do. I would suggest anyone who can get the clients, go for it. It's good business.

And perhaps this might seem weird, but I never set out to do hair extensions exclusively. It chose me. I built a web site 17 years ago, long before every single business had their own web site. I studied web design in school and I wanted OUT of hair. I was not passionate about a job that did not pay well. I was quiet and not good at self promotion and talking to people I don't know. I was married to a musician and I hated being stuck at home. I figured web design would allow me to get to work from anywhere and I would be able to join my rock star on the road. I was not choosing love over career. I actually only went to beauty school because I was a drop out and lived in foster homes. My caseworker suggested I learn a trade before I turned 18. At 18, its see you later, when you live in a foster home, on your own, ready or not. I was only 16 years old when I started beauty school doing hair. It seemed easy enough. So I continued with community college part time thinking I would eventually leave this business, become a writer, artist, anything but a hairdresser. Web design. I realized no one wanted to pay me for that either, so I grew my own website. If you build it, they will come, but you you have to promote it too. I didn't even do hair extensions at the time and had no intension of doing them. The calls were mostly people asking me if I did hair extensions. So I had to learn them. My web site built my business. The calls just kept coming, eventually squeezing out almost all non hair extension services. I am down to two people that I do not do hair extensions on.

I am an indipendent woman who pays my own bills. I'm not in this job for "fun." I used to be so envious of the other assistants and hairdressers when I was young. They could afford to not make money because they were married or lived at home. So many times I've heard hairdressers say they are not motovated by money beause they love what they do. I was a single mom, in Los Angeles, working as an assistant in Beverly Hills. I chose to be serious, not frivolous. I was willing to put in my time for the big picture in the long run. For me, it was only about the money. It had to be. Because Giuseppe Franco was hard, a bit mean, and many times, inappropriate. I still didn't make much but I knew I was being set up to. The training was spectacular, not meant for the faint of heart and most people he hired didn't make it past three months because the expectation were too high. However, being forced into perfection was what I loved. I love being competitive, being impressive, and making people happy. Maybe I do like hair more than I admit.

It's not that I don't know other services and can't do them. I've been doing hair for 30 years and hair extensions exclusively for the last 12. I get it, for a beginner, it is an insane thing to expect to be able to do right off the bat. Stylist need a strong color and design background before they will even begin to understand how to incorporate extra hair. You need an eye for color and you should be a master stylist with design before you take it to the next level and suppose you can handle super long thick hair with matching issues to deal with.

I am a licenced cosmetologist in two states. I can do a pedicure if I want. Clients want pedicures. Yes, I was the girl in beauty school that the other girls did not like so I was booked with pedicures more than everyone else. Do you think I would turn down a hair extension client over a pedicure booked at noon that day? No, I'd rather touch feet. Sorry, can't do your hair. No, I do not even have that on my service menu.

I can cut men's hair too. I worked at a Hair Crafters and Dimensions salon that they have in the Fred Meyers in my day. $5.00 to $11.00 haircuts. That is straight up an insult to any hairdressers time and effort. No compassion here. The answer is "no" on that. Men's haircuts, I prefer to never do, except Walter, because it's been over 15 years and he respects my time. I don't want to not do men at all, only because it's illigal to discriminate though. I will book a men's haircut, for $250.00. Bitch all you want and go down the street for $10. bucks. I won't cry. I make my one regular men's haircut book only at 9 or 10 am.

There is no reason why I would want to do any other service at all that can't pay what hair extensions do. This girl here (me) supports a salon of 4 and a household of 5 as well and some of my mothers ongoing bills. I can not afford to do less than what I do anyway. There is no one taking care of me, so this girl has to work hard to take care of my keep.

What about color services? My hair extension clients still need color. Am I missing out on doing fun color on people?

I admire the hairdressers who love doing hair so much that they are super passionate about it. They want to create all kinds of fantastic looks to showcase their talents. By all means, don't give that up. I know people need color and so do most of my hair extension clients. I have a young stylist in my shop who is more than happy to have all my color work. I used to teach color for L'Oreal. A job I never even applied for. They stole me from Lanza, who I educated for before that. I know my color and color correction. I've spent my time doing plenty of color and teaching it. I could be booked a month out with color if I wanted to, but why? I can double book them with my assistant and other stylist all day, keep them busy, and still bring in income from it.

Isn't it hard on my body do such a long, tedious service all day, every day?

Yes, it is hard work. I don't get to see as many finished styles in a day. It's usually a day for a full set. On occasion, I've done two sets per day. But I work with two assistants. They remove and color all morning, plus prepare my hair for me. I help with the hair preparation. But guess what, I wanted to get to this point. It's not as hard when it's a team effort. My clients know it's a long service. I stay late many hours after my assistants have gone home. But they also come in early, open, and start on my client. Most of my clients are routine, every three months and they trust my girls to do prep work and color well. I have big expectation of them and they shine through. Over the years, you just build the stamina for the the work. I've done over a thousand sets of hair extensions, at least. But this job? Is isn't about me. It's about my clients need for me. I have to do it. I like to service people and make them happy and be able to provide jobs and care for my family.

The last thing I need is to be misunderstood, prejudged, and put down, when all I was trying to do was be good and learn more so that I can be worth more, specifically, in doing hair extensions exclusively.

The benifits to my clients because I do only hair extensions.

First and foremost, I paid my dues and I have a tremendous color and design background. Any exclusive hair extensions artist I believe would need this for success.

For my clients, they are spending a huge amount of money for this service. Do they want the girl who does them every once in while, or me, who knows the in and outs of almost every top name brand of hair extensions. I've seen all the issues. I've learned the causes and the preventions. I know when I can push the envelope and when I can't. I know the difference in quality, origin, and processing methods. I've spent a month in an Italian hair extension factory in Sicily. I know fusion, micro links, tapes, weaves, braids, pieces, and I also know factory trade secrets.

Guess what. If they know about me, they are choosing me. I did not get here by accident. My talent trapped me here. I would rather just paint at the beach all day to be honest. So again, there is no reason not to do what I do.

I was an educator too, for L'Oreal. One of the things I thought was important was to inspire students with a can do attitude. Whether or not they would actually achieve their dreams, we still support that desire to go as far to the moon as possible. The last thing any stylists needs is someone, especially an educator, telling them to limit themselves. That is just a disheartening and discouraging thing. Let people choose what is best for their own self. Maybe you don't want to do only hair extensions because it's long and tedious for you, but that doesn't mean it will be the same for others.

A trait that not too many people like in me is my rebellous spirit to not allow others to limit me. I'm grateful I have that. I'm sometimes harsh and the truth can hurt but I play real, so maybe its not nice, and that is more honest, I think. There are plenty of times when I had to face some harsh reality, shut my mouth, and learn. It can hurt but it's for the best.

I will bit off any thumb that someone tries to hold me under. I'm sorry I didn't let it go, but if we care, we share. Sometimes it doesn't matter but sometimes it may help to know. No student wants to feel pushed down. Let them, encourage them to be as busy as they can get with hair extensions.

Its the only thing that keeps me doing hair as I wanted to quit because it was boring me, doing the same thing every six weeks on every client, cut and color. How artistic is that? It just grows out and you have to start over, over and over and over again. Not a particularely interesting or challenging job really. Now, I get to help people. People that get hair extensions are so grateful and impressed, and have such a bigger need for you than cut and color clients. Mostly, I make people look and feel normal when they couldn't get that before. It's life changing. My clients recognize my talent. I'm not a designer bag. I am the designer. I don't see this as a problem.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Why is Great Lengths Hair Extensions the industry standard?

My resistance to Great Lengths training.

I've learned alot over the years about hair extensions. I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I've used most of the brand names and even invented my own method. But still, so many people keep asking me if I do "Great Lengths" brand name hair extensions. Well, I didn't, but what I do is a very nice strand by strand fusion method too, which I felt was just as good, or better. I've converted many women away from Great Lengths into doing it my way. They were impressed. But still, sometimes a potential new client would not care to explore the options I have available. But why? I'm the artist. They would rather anyone do it, just because it's great lengths, opposed to a more experienced person with hair extensions. I've done well over a thousands sets. It was mind boggling. I took enough classes. My sets were all successful with a loyal following. Why did I need to learn another application that was just about the same as 100 other brands out there?

For 30 years I have been doing hair. My first lesson with extensions and hair pieces was in beauty school when I was just a teenager. This older women who was another student from California would talk about the days when she did Tina Turners wigs. Her hair was thinning and I was the only one she let work on her hair piece.

As an assistant for Giuseppe Franco of Beverly Hills in the early 90's, I was the only one the extension artist allow to assist them.

I never even set out to do hair extensions. I only worked as a hairdresser just to get through college, but I built a website and next thing you know, I'm doing hair extensions full time. My life is going okay, but still, there was this lingering, nagging thing biting at my ankles. I did not like being snubbed by these brand name snobs who cared more about telling people the name and cost of something than how nice it actually was.

Many of my competitors used Hair Dreams or Great Lengths. So I got certified in Hair Dreams to compete. Still, my California area was still using Great Length. Many of the stylists I watched used Great Lengths. I have a need to learn. The class was so expensive, almost $3000.00. I put it off. I took more training in Italy by a company that looked like it had a more advanced Cold Fusion method. Well, it actually does, but no one cares here, about some obscure brand known mostly in Sicily. Either way, I knew, and I was happy with that training. I was kicking ass without Great Lengths.

Finally, Giving into Great Lengths

I have some crazy need to compete and be the best at everything. This one thing held me back I felt, not from being the best, but from having more people understand and believe it. While other hairdressers may not appreciate my competitive nature, it is not about them. I'm here to please clients and do it in the most impressive way I can so I can win them over. It's just good business. So, I was falling short.

So I decided to bite the bullet, pulled my first line of credit for my business, ever, just to afford to make it to the class. I did not want to be left in the dust by anyone. I was going to take the class.

Preparing for the Great Lengths hair extension class.

I already sat through the Hair Dreams class, which was a worthwhile class as well. I knew it would be hard to just shut my mouth. I was going there to learn, not to challenge them. I planned to have an open mind and learn their way. This was not my stage. A long time ago, that was the best lesson in hair I ever had, which was to forget whatever I thought I knew and soak up what was being taught in that particular class and any class. I would try to keep my know-it-all opinions to myself.

In my public speaking class and when I did color education for L'Oreal Pressionnel, they called the people that challenge you in class "hecklers." I had to not be that person and respect the instructors. My goal was to learn and be open minded.

Taking the Great Lengths Hair Extensions class AT LAST

It was as I expected. I tried to shut my mouth, not even talk about me, but they asked, and I can't lie on the spot. I don't know why I was so nervous. We all had to share who we were and if we knew anything at all about hair extensions. Sure enough, it was on. Three days on a row, I had to sit with this group. Very interesting group indeed I must say, but sure enough. . . Here I come in, talking my big game because I own a hair extensions salon. First thing I hear. "I never heard of an all hair extension salon."

Hmmm, for an educator, they know NOONE who does hair extensions only? Yes, keep it coming, question and challenge what I say.

There was another Beverly Hills veteren in class, a Beverly Hills assistant, a New York, Sally Hershburger assistant, this fantastic black woman with the biggest hair I've seen who had done Janet Jackson's hair. There was a beautiful red head named Crystal who owned the room when she walked in with just her red hair color. This other great kid who asked a lot of questions. I edmired her because she was inquisitive and envied her because I was biting my tongue so as not to be. There was a tall blond and another guy too. No one there was really that experienced except the black girl. She was cool and chatted with me.

The instructors were cool. A vivacious blond who liked to really reitterate and drive the lessons home deep and the Hollywood chic with red and green hair, dressed in all black. I tried to hang on every word but I could not help falling asleep. Her voice just went on and on. So much information, my brain was overwhelmed and wanted to conk out. I always got in trouble in school for that too.

It definitely happened that I had to fight to keep my mouth shut. I had tons of inner opinions but I knew this was not my stage. I must try hard to be respectful. I took notes, even just to tell myself to shut up when I wanted to chime in. Then finally, I said "TRICHOTILLAMANIA!" (When people pull their hair out.) No one could pronounce it and if she hadn't lingered on the subject so long I wouldn't have said it out loud. It's an important issue to know about in reguards to needing hair extensions.

By the way, they mysterious lightening agent that you can lick with your finger that is such a secret with Great Lengths is a common textile engineering prodect used in many factories that lightens natural fabric safely. It's H2O2. Hydrogen peroxide. But I knew that its trade secret stuff in the industry. Us dumb hairdressers are not suppose to know stuff like that. I was good. I kept my opinion to myself.

The technical, hands on part of class.

This is where I became impressed with Great Lengths. Why is it the industry standard? It's the most popular. It's just another fusion brand. Okay, yes, with good quality product. However, no hair extension class I have ever taken had forced me to be so perfect. I thought I was so slick and I developed my perfection on my own in my own way for my hair extensions before. No one ever taught it to me. I just figured it out--over the years. Maybe a bit by seeing Great Lengths bonds online somewhere. I developed my bonds to be just as tiny. SO, here is Great Lengths, pushing this incredible perfection in my work. I thought I was so good. They picked on me, made me better. They got into my every hand movement, every angle of my body while doing the work. They got on me about 1 mm or less difference in the way I was trimming pieces of hair. They wanted exact measurments of piece sizes, an absolute way of softening the bond as you attach to the hair. They reparted my mannequin head by three hairs. They checked my part size of my individual pieces and made sure to catch one or two hairs that were not as they decided was a perfect 1/4 inch size. There was a specific and best way to soften and fold, and then re soften and finish. I was set to gain her acceptence of my work. Yeah, she said it was good, or even better, kept saying it was really good work.

It's not the hair only. What is important to me about Great Lengths was the seriousness of perfection. That is not how most people do hair extensions. I follow everyone I can and look at their work. When they show off what their bond looks like, it's usually too tight and sticks out. Great Lengths pushes even tension and has nice tiny bonds.

I also wondered about their customization. How creative can you get with pretipped pieces? They found a way, but it's hard work, but it was as I expected. Alternating and cutting and adding together. They can make it work, with work though. That's okay. Always pass on the savings.

I made it through all three days. I'm official now. No more will I ever have to say to a client "It's not Great Lengths, but it is very similar." Now I can tell them that if they want Great Lengths, I can do Great Lengths.

Will I convert my clients to Great Lengths?

Probably, if they insist, or if I can't create something that requires something I can find with Great Lengths. I am secure now in my own method; knowing that it is just as good as Great Lengths.

I will market Great Lengths hair extensions to new clients. I hope it can build my reputation to be stronger. I will no longer have people who pass me over because I don't do them. I have big plans to utilize the support they offer and build a bigger business in hair extensions.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Why do hair extensions cost so much?

Why do hair extensions cost so much?

Hair extensions are not created equal. There are several different kinds and methods of hair extensions, each with different materials, differing times to install, and different hair extensions artists that all factor in on the reason why the cost can vary for hair extensions.

The cost of hair extension hair.

The first thing that factors into hair extensions is the kind of hair that is used. Here is where a huge difference in price can become very apparrent.

Cheap Hair

A low grade single drawn hair, with a chemical processed cuticle may cost as low as $50.00 for 100 grams.

Expensive Hair

A high grade hair would be double drawn, virgin, Russian hair with all the cuticle going in the same direction can cost as much as $469.00 for only 35grams, but you will need at least three of those bundles for a full set. And that is untipped. Tipped will be a lot more. That is well over $1000.00 just for the price of hair. Some salons may still mark that up, plus the cost of installation.

Why such a huge difference in the price of hair extensions?

Asian and Indian hair and darker hair is the most common and most abundant hair in the world. Russian and European hair and naturally lighter hair is not as common to find. Much of the hair from India comes from Indian Temples, where people will have their hair tontured in a religious ceremony of prayer, as a gift to the Gods. The temples then auctions the hair to hair manufacturers. The temples are required by law to spend a significant amount of that back on the community. In Russia, the woman sell their hair. Asian hair is usually the thickest in diameter. Russian hair is usually much finer in diameter.

Manufacturing differences in hair extensions:

What is remy hair?

Remy, remi, or remis. It generally means that the direnction of the hair cuticle are all in the same direction. The cuticle layer is like fish scales. From the root to the end, it goes down. If hair gets turned upside down and you comb the cuticle the opposite way, it is like petting a cat backwards. The cuticle raises and sticks out and catches and tangles. A lot of inexpensive hair is this because it has not been kept straight the whole time from when it was cut from it's source. To combat this, hair is put through a chemical process that strops the cuticle so that it will not tangle as much.

What is double drawn hair vs. single drawn hair?

Single drawn hair has many lengths, like a cut ponytail might have. It tapers thinner towards the bottom. It may be advertized as "naturally layered." This hair could be virgin, colored, remy, or non remy, with chemical process or not, or combinations of these things.

Double drawn hair is hair that is all the same length with all the shorter pieces removed. It is thick to the ends. Double drawn hair is hair that goes through a very detailed process that separates all the differring lengths of a single drawn hair. It may take 5 to 10 ponytails of single drawn hair to extract enough double drawn hair of a specific length. This is where a heavy cost in double drawn hair will come from.

In my opinion, what is the best hair to use?

The best hair is remy and double drawn, with virgin cuticle. Whether it is Indian, Asian, or Russian. It will depend on the client and the texture of their hair. Asian hair is thicker, Indian and European hair is medium, and Russian hair is finer and the softest. I use what matches the hair of my client the best. I only care to do the best and my clientele in completely high end. I refuse to do cheap hair. One reason is because using cheap hair gets complaints. I simply don't want to deal with cheap complainers.

Why does cheap hair sell so well worldwide?

Not everyone can spend a couple thousand dollars on their hair every three months. The other hair is not completely impossible. With extra care, it can be passible. It may be harder to comb out, not shine as well, not have the best color match, not be as soft. There is compromise.

Different methods or hair extensions

There are many different companies out there that do similar things. There is fusion, created with different hair and differing types of bonding material. There are wefts that sew in, either hand wefted or machine wefted. There are taped method where strips are taped into the hair. The fusion will last the longest. Weaves that are sewn onto cornrow braids may last longer on ethnic hair with more natural texture. Tapes will last a few weeks or longer. Then there are clip ins that you put in yourself every day. Each method has it's pros and cons.

Fusion last the longest but takes the longest to put in and is the most expensive. This is my choice because it is the best overall. It is the most comfortable, lasts the longest, and the matching of hair style, color, and texture is the best.

Other methods don't last as long, but are easier to install, and less expensive. This may be the only option for specific budgets.

The salon or hair extensions artist that you go to may also be a factor in the cost.

The operating cost of the salon may play a factor. The experience of a hair extension artist may be another reason for differing prices. A person who is very good and experienced is worth more. They will charge more. Is that fair? Yes, it is plenty fair. If a stylist is new, they may charge less to get established. A stylist who has done thousands of sets will rise the bar. It's all up to you and what you are willing to pay for the quality that you desire.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How Long do Hair Extensions Last?

What kind of hair extension?

Which hair extensions last the longest?

Fusion extensions last the longest. However, the difference in products, brand name, maintenance, hair type, bonding quality, hair quality, the users hair quality, quality of the application will all factor in.

For top name brand fusion brands, such as Great Length, Hair Dreams, SoCap, Balmain, Keratip, Custom Blends, and some other with higher grade bonding, it can stay in your hair until you take them out. Great Lengths have said 4 to 6 months. But what are the consequences?

I say three months is how long they should be in. Yes, they will stay in your hair longer, even 9 months to a year, but your hair will grow out, and with that comes complications, such as matting and dreads above the bond that can be detrimental when it's time to remove your hair extensions.

How am I sure how long they might last?

I have done thousands of sets, literally. This what I have done exclusively for the last ten years. My experience has shown me that low grade bonding material will shed out fast. High grade bonding material will not come at all until it's taken out. Well, perhaps some may come out on their own. Pictures of hair extensions here.

After three months, the hair extension is growing out with the hair and it not close to your scalp anymore. Hairs can twist ender these, the longer it gets and make the extension begin to stick together and dread up. While some people can go 5 month successfully, it is usually because they have good hair to begin with, practice good maintenance, and have enough hair to still cover and hide the bonds.

People with thin, fine hair may barely make it to three months and may require maintenance to stretch it to three months.

After 4 or 5 months and the hair begins to dread, removing them takes longer or damage will start to happen. This is with fusion.

3 Months

Hair Extensions will last three months. That is how long that the hair extensions I do should last. Maybe more. Maybe less. While indeed they could stay in much longer, I strongly advise against it.

Monday, September 15, 2014

How To Remove Hair Extensions?

For some reason you do not want to go back to your hairdresser to have your hair extensions removed.

I must highly recommend against removing extensions yourself because damage can be very likely. I must caution against it. But, if you follow my direction to a T, and be patient, you can get them removed safely with no or minimal damage.

Why you are presented with the problem where you must remove your extensions on your own? Does the hair extension artist charge you more money to have them taken out? One solution, before you have to deal with removing them yourself is to see who else might remove them for you. I know that I will not charge to remove your old extensions if you plan on having me install a new set for you. Plus, I do not normally charge to remove them after either. Also, when I remove them, I know how to untie each hair when I untangle and I do not rip through snarls. I have heard others say "Your time is valuable" so removing fast is important to the client. I'm more of a "Your hair is more valuable" kind of person, so the extra work is worth

What kind of Hair Extensions do you need removed?

It's important to know what kind of hair extensions that you have before you try to remove them. There are many different methods. Just as well, with a fusion method of hair extensions, there are different kinds of bonding material for different brands. This means that the chemical in the removers will vary as well. I'm going to talk about fusion hair extensions. There are two main different kinds of bonding. It will be hard to know which one is in your hair unless you already know or you test it, by trying the two main kinds of remover. One will work. One won't.

How to remove the higher end extensions like Great Lengths, Hair Dreams, Cinderella, Balmain, Socap, Super Keratip, and Custom Blends Hair Extensions:

First, I must explain what the bonding material is made of.

There are probably others because there are an endless numbers of companies who sell hair extensions with this high grade bonding material, which is a high quality thermoplastic polymer. It can be known as Thermoplast, or many companies call it keratin. It is called keratin because keratin contains the long chain molecules that bind together to form a solid material, which is used to produce polymers or plastics. It's loosely called "glue" sometimes. I've been corrected though. It's "keratin" not glue. No, horse hoofs are keratin. Glue is just a term that can mean the material used to connect other things. That's all. And it's not really keratin either. It's just made with keratin. It's really a polymer resin. Thermoplastic means it fuses together with heat, or cold fusion ultrasonic welding, which still produces heat. It melts when hot and solidifies when it cols back to room temperature, as opposed to a thermoset polymer, which will burn when heated.

Let me explain my source. I've done extra studies on the material science of polymers for engineers so that I could understand the molecular differences in the different hair extension brands that I was experiencing.

What is the remover I should use to get these hair extensions out?

Each company has their own unique remover. While it might be nice to find the actual remover for the exact brand of hair extensions, the main ingredient in all of them in isopropyl alcohol. Yes, the kind you find in your drug store. You may find that acetone is sometimes used. This works on some types of lower grade extensions.

What kind of remover tool should I use to remove my hair extensions?

It's important you have all the right tools, as well as having your hair prepared properly. You will need a pair of flat pliers, ones without teeth. You can buy them at hair extension supply stores, or Sears. However, I use a medical grade surgical tool that was made in Germany. It prevents you from applying too much pressure because it clicks when too much tension is applied. Too much pressure can cause damage. I imported this tool from Italy. I do not know where you can buy them but I can order one for you. It will take a few weeks. In the meantime, just be gentle with the ones you buy at Sears. Most of the hair extension companies I mentioned just have plain flat pliers and not a fancy tool like mine. I was the one who discovered it's use so you won't find it being sold by extension companies. I will, but I haven't quite yet.

How to prepare your hair before you remove your hair extensions.

Hair extensions can be hard to get out and that is why you will see and hear of damage from the removal process. You will hear stories that glue is bad and so on, but it doesn't have to be if you use the product correctly. Preparing your hair extensions for the removal is important and by doing so, the time needed to remove the extensions will also be shortening.

For as long as a week before you are due to have your extensions removed, it is a very good idea to pretreat your hair to make it more porous. Nothing is going to instantly dissolve your hair extension bonding. That's what they pliers are for, to crack the bond so that the remover can spread deeper into the bond as it breaks it apart.

Soak your hair over night, every night with a heavy protein enriched conditioner. Do this on your dry bonds with the conditioner straight from the container and not diluted with water. Remember, do not sleep with wet hair. Lanza products are good for this as they have a very small molecular weight protein in their products. This is the very type of conditioner that I DO NOT want you to use during the wear of your hair extensions. The protein in the conditioner will bind with the keratin in the bonding material and cause it to softer and become porous, so over night, for a few nights, up to a week. Longer is okay too.

You may also use coconut oil to soak your bonds with. Oil is part of the thermoplastic compound so it will also work. It will work by targeting different compounds the bonding material. So use both, but on different nights, not together.

There is a huge different in weather you presoak overnight or not. Do not presoak with alcohol because it will just evaporate, disappear, and not work at all.

Removing the hair extensions.

Wash all of the oil or conditioner from your hair. Comb through the hair to make sure there are no tangle that prevent the hair extension from sliding out. If you use oil or conditioner during the removal with the alcohol, thinking it will help slide the product out better, you may be in for a surprise. The conditioner or oil, when used with the alcohol may cause the hair not to dissolve proper, but instead reinforce the bonding material into a clay like sticky substance, so don't be temped to use multiple removers at once. You can use spray conditioner under the bond to help it slide out.

The hair can be wet or dry. You are finally ready to start removing the hair extensions.

Work in clusters of about 5 or more. Put a drop of alcohol on each bond. While it is still wet, use your plier tool and give it about 6 squeezes. Do not try to break it all the way apart yet. Then add another drop of the remover and then leave it and move on and do the whole head or half of the head. Just drop, sqeeze, drop, and move on. Do not attempt to pull any out yet.

It is time that is needed to work into the bond, layer by layer the solvent goes deeper, softens a bit on each pass. Forcing it with the pliers can cause damage. It only needs to open a little and the remover will work by itself with time.

Go back to make sure all the previous bonds do not dry up. Keep them all moist as you work. You may go forward and back and forward and back. Going back to the beginning ones, do the same thing. Add a drop, squeeze gently just a bit and leave it, working in clusters, doing a few at a time, going around the head and then back again.

After two to three passes and it has soaked for a bit. Add a drop of remover, press a few times, gently, then try to slide the extension off. If it does not slide off super easy, do not tug harder. Just give it another shot of the remover and leave it and move on and come back. It is very important not to use brute strength to force them out.

You will notice the bond expanding and turning white as the solvent begins to work.

Combing Out the Tangles

Now, for the tangles that are left. Do not comb out any bonding chunks that are left behind with force. Give them another dash of remover and squish them until they come out with ease.

It is best to use a carbon small tooth comb. Certain combs will be of the wrong plastic and will not work right or they get destroyed by the solvent. Also, you may want to get an eyelash comb to work with the tangling that may happen above the bond. Do not force the snarls out by ripping them.

It should not cause pain to remove the hair extension bonds. If it does, that is a signal of something bad, like hair breaking. You can use a spray in conditioner at this point. Remember, damage come from humans pulling and ripping it, not the "glue" itself. This process may take several hours, which is another reason why presoaking it over night is very important.

It should not cause pain to remove the hair extension bonds. If it does, that is a signal of something bad, like hair breaking. You can use a spray in conditioner at this point. Remember, damage come from humans pulling and ripping it, not the "glue" itself. This process may take several hours, which is another reason why presoaking it over night is very important.

If it is so hard to remove, why do people get this kind instead of micro-rings or some other kind of hair extension

When properly installed with even tension, fusion hair extensions, which includes all the brands I mentioned, have a nice round or flat soft bond that should be comfortable without distinguished corners than can pull or snag other hairs. Yes, micro rings are easier to remove, but fusion is a better wear for the client. They should be tiny bonds that are less detectable and easier to wears and sleep on. They also shed less than micro ring, IF they are installed properly with only high grade products.

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