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Most People Do Not Shampoo Their Hair Correctly

So You Think You Know How To Shampoo Hair? Step back because you might have to brace yourself for some truth here, especially if you are a hairdresser. I am talking to hairdressers too. Even if you have been in this business 30 years plus or more does not make you exempt from probably not doing a very good shampoo. I bet you might even be sure you do because you give a good massage, or a good scratching and your clients coo over how wonderful in feels. Still, maybe not. I'm a hairdresser and I have had other hairdressers wash my hair on many occasions. Maybe I got the sub-client treatment because I'm a collegue. I don't know. No excuse for doing a slop job. Why do I say this? Well, most clients won't notice what I mean or even speak up. Maybe I'm weird because I'm super picky. However, I'm not wrong.How long are you rincing with water before you apply the shampoo?You are not rincing well enough before you apply shampoo. Maybe it's harder to rince the…

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