Micro-ring hair extensions vs. Fusion hair Extensions. Which method of hair extensions are better

Which method of hair extensions is the best?

I've been doing hair extensions exclusively for the last 15 years of my 34 years in hair. I have worked with many different methods of hair extensions over the years and gone through many changes and improvements in order to provide my clients with the very best there is to offer. I have done micro beads, micro links, micro beads, several different brands, and different kinds of rings. I have done fusion, different brands, different polymers and different hair. I have done well over a thousand sets of hair extensions. These are my pros and cons on which ones are the best, which ones cause the less damage, and which ones you should choose.

Is one really better than the other? Let's consider the factors. What brand of fusion extensions vs. which brand of micro beads? What is the quality of te hair, the quality of the polymer fusion, and what kind of rings are you using?

Consider the artist. How much experience with color and design does the hair extension artist have. How much experience does the artist have with hair extensions? More importantly, how good is the artist who is doing your hair extensions? DO they match the color well? DO they use the right size bonds? Are the bonds put in evenly and do they fall with even tension?

Consider the bond in general. Fusion bonds can come in various sizes. So can micro beads. Bad quality fusion with be large, uneven bonds that could also shed. High quality fusion would be brand names like Great Lengths or Hair Dreams, using a strong holding Italian keratin fusion bonding or thermoplastic polymer. Is your stylist certified in one of these methods? Don't allow the scariness of bad fusion to scare you away from good fusion. Yes there are scary pictures on the internet of what bad extensions can do. This is not true with all fusion extensions. Also, please take into account how well kept the hair extensions are. Are they neglected, in too long, not properly cared for? NOt all fusion causes damage. I have been able to grow out damamged hair with my fusion extensions. The most ideal bond will be fusion bond, smaller than the micro ring, feel more comfortable and lasts longer. With fusion, you can make smaller micro pieces for very thin parts of the hair. Microbeads are standard sized and this is harder to do. Fusion is better for thinner hair, where a micro-ring ming seem to be too big.

Fusion controversy: The damamge happens during the removal. Many stylist may not take the patients and time to remove fusion properly. This is an area where some bad reputation might come in. The extension removal at my salon is never done in haste. Yes, we are going to take longer to remove extensions than with micro-beads. However, my entire business is built on this emerging as the favorite method, but only because patience. It takes longer.

Microbeads. There are still many pros as why you would choose micro-rings, micro-beads, or Micro-links. They are easier for most hairstylists to do. They go in fast and can come out fast. They do no require heat or glue. Many stylists only do this kind. These may also be reused, mostly, if the tip stays in good condition. However, if the ring comes loose, your hair will slip right out. It is only pinched in. The metal can cut the hair too. Maintentence is required to put the slipped ones back in. They can show if your hair is not thick enough to hide them.

Why do I choose fusion over micro-rings? I like to work with precise detail. The fusion bonds are smaller, less, detectable, more comfortable to wear, will shed less, and I can cut them into smaller sizes. I can not do this with the micro-rings.

Yes, fusion takes longer to remove. However, if done properly, fusion can be removed safely. This where may other stylist will hae a hard time and become impatient and rip the snarls and glue chunks, along with your hair.

The key for successful fusion takes perfection in detail. First, they must be the correct size. The bond must not be too heavy for the selection of hair it is attached to. The bond must also lay flat against the head and fall with even tensions. Too tight of a bond sticks out from the head and pulls on the top section of the parting. These can create damage. The wear of the fusion is much more comfortable with fusion, if its done proper, with round tiny bonds without corners, and without the hard square metal pieces of the micro-beads. Removal is impotant with fusion as well. THey bonds must be soaked properly and not forced out. The polymer needs time to break down. If the polymer is broken down is proper, the bond will slide right out with no damage.

Top brand names, Great Lengths, and Hair Dreams both use fusion. We are certified in both at our salon. Many people can buy off the shelf hair extensions with no training or certification and they will tell you it is the same but it is not. Trust a certified and experienced successful full time hair extension artist to know what is the best. The internet will make many claims that turn people off to fusion. Agreed, there are bad fusion cases out there. I've seen the pictures. I've seen the hair in person, but you will not find that at Kim Lake Hair Salon.

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