Can I Color My Hair Extensions?

I Don't like the color of my hair extensions. Can I color them?

First thing I would ask is why you didn't just buy the right color in the first place? Was there a limited color swatch pallet to choose from? Is your hair highlighted or does not match the hair extension color choices?

Well, those are problems. What I would have done to begin with is had a custom color of hair extensions ordered? Oh, who in the world does that? Custom Blends Hair Custom Blends doesn't just have 30 choices. They have endless color combination choices that can match the toughest of colors, even hard to match reds.

But, can I color the hair that I'm stuck with now?

Yes, hair extension hair can be colored. But, here are some things to consider. Hair Extension hair may have been processed in a number of different ways that you can not be sure about. If the cuticle is stripped, it will color too dark. The hair extensions may be processed with acid, textile dyes, which makes it colorfast. It may not bleach out well. It could be virgin color. Still, it can be done.

Take Test Strands

Always take color test strands if you are working with extension hair. This is the only way to be sure that you are going forward in the right direction without destroying your hair extensions.

You can color your own hair with hair extensions.

You can certainly keep up with your color touch ups while you have hair extensions in. A root touch up is certainly okay. Make sure your stylist is experienced with shampooing hair extensions or they could possibly have a really hard time.

What do I do about changing color with my extensions on my clients?

Color touch ups? Most certainly. No problem.

Okay, I did your hair extensions. We came up with a great color and now you just want "something different." WHy do you do this to me!!?? I just say "no, forget it." You can get a new color design after three months when we do a new set of extensions.

I hate doing this because a persons hair and the hair extensions will react differently to the same color and the results may not be favorable. I won't let my clients drag me down that road.

I use the Custom Blends hair extensions and coming up with your exclusively unique color, having it blended before the extensions are even made is the best color you can get. Highlighting hair extensions already in the head can make it chunky, uneven, and no, the answer in just no. Get the right extensions in the first place and you will never have to worry about coloring them.

My hairdresser sometimes tones the blond because the hair extensions are too yellow.

My solution for this is a way of mixing colors that cut the yellow and my final result is the coolest platinum thats available, that doesn't even exist until I make it. I mix a #60 and a #613 into a very fine blend and that eliminates my need for toning and the result is platinum hair extensions that are not canary yellow.

So yes, you can color hair extensions but you shouldn't have to if you get the right color hair extensions in the first place.


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