Why Do My Hair Extensions Tangle so Bad?

There are many possible reasons that make your hair extensions tangle.

The product or maintenance habits are the first likely culprits. If you are following all the maintenance rules, like keeping it clean, conditioned, and brushed and wrapped while sleep, ALL the time, then it's most likely the product. Now remember, having hair extensions does require extra care on your part. Detailed hair extensions care instructions. Click here.

All hair WILL tangle to a certain degree, especially if not given proper daily care. Having ruled out neglect on your part, lets consider the product; the hair itself.

Why do hair extensions tangle so much?

Perhaps you are using a low grade brand of hair. Even if it is 100% human hair, it can tangle. Your hair may not be remy hair. If it is not remy, this means that some of the hairs are upside down.

The outer layer of your hair is called the cuticle. The cuticle layer is like scales on a fish. They must all go in a downward direction from the scalp to the ends. If hair that is cut from the donor is not processed correctly, then the direction of hairs may get turned upside down. It's like combing a cat backwards when your brush your hair. It lifts the cuticle and that catches on another cuticle that is going the opposite direction and then the cuticles lock together and then more hairs get involved, until you have a nice snarl or dread.

Sometimes hair that is not remy has the cuticle layer chemically removed and then a coating is added to the hair. This can make it nicer and less tangled, but this is still not the best quality hair.

Dirty Hair

Remember, dirty hair or even 2nd day day will tangle more on the 2nd day. Why? Because, even if the hair is remy, the natural cuticle has a tendency to lift, then snags onto other hairs. So keep it clean and combed and brushed out, enduring smooth cuticles.

Not Double Drawn

The hair could be "naturally layered" meaning it's full of different length hair, shorter pieces that make the ends thinner. This is common in cheaper grade hair. It's mixed with shorter hair and sold at higher prices. Those inside ends can cause problems, even if it is considered remy.

It's just plain OLD hair.

Hair on a person while it is growing naturally replaced itself. Hair Extension hair can not. When it gets split or old, the cuticle lifts, the split ends make it tangle.

Tangly hair can also be a combination of any of these as well.

What should I do now?

Have a professional take a look at it. Condition and shampoo better. Don't go past three months with a set of extensions in your hair. Keep is tied or braided at night. Cut it off. And in the future, respect your hair and only require top quality extensions.


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